nyc midwives

acnm_logo.gifIn 1959 a small group of midwives gathered regularly in NYC, eventually evolving into one of the largest and most active groups of midwives in the country. We belong to the national organization, American College of Nurse Midwives, as Region II, Chapter I: New York City. Our members offer a variety of services including women’s health/gynecology, prenatal, post partum, and childbirth care. We are homebirth midwives, birth center midwives, and hospital staff midwives. We believe in preventative and holistic care, in educating women to take control of their bodies and health, and in promoting a health care system that offers excellent health care to all, regardless of HMOs or lack of insurance.

Unfortunately, we are from realizing these goals which is why we are hosting fund-raising events, such as BOLD and Miles for Midwives. With each event we hope to get our message to a larger audience and to raise money to fight for our goals – your health. We support the New York Association of Licensed Midwives (NYSALM) which is an organization that lobbies for women’s health care issues and access to midwifery care; and Friends of the Birth Center, an organization working to re-establish a free-standing birth center in Manhattan.


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